Apostasy in America   From Christian beliefs and Traditional Moral Standards

noun, plural apostasies
1.  a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party cause, etc.                   Articles      Contact Us

It is my belief that there is a great apostasy happening right now in America.  People all over this great Nation are changing their value systems into a "whatever" type philosophy.  Whatever one decides is ok in their eyes should be accepted by everyone else.  No matter the idea, whether it be good, bad, right, wrong or in the middle......it still is good.  Have you heard the phrase "it's all good"?  Well, take my word for it......it isn't all good!  Some of it is bad, the influence coming from none other than the "Prince of Darkness"..... Satan.

You might wonder why I would attribute the bad to Satan.  Simply because I am a Christian and I believe there are only two (2) influences.  Good and Bad.....the good from God, the bad from Satan.  Haven't any of you noticed the change in attitudes in the last few years?  Gay rights are now at the forefront of list of "new" so called rights that many Americans feel they are justified to have.  Years ago, "Gay" was something you called someone who was happy all the time.  Gay marriage is legal in many States now.  Gay people living together now can get Insurance and other Benefits for each other.  And, this is just one of the many on the list of "new" rights Americans are demanding.  Men becoming women,  women becoming men.  Bruce Jenner long known as one of the greatest male athletes in the United States has now become Caitlyn Jenner.  Bruce spent over $70,000 dollars on himself to look like a woman AND he made the cover of Vanity Fair, a world wide popular magazine.  People all over the United States are celebrating this change from man to woman and are excepting it as a normal thing to do if one "feels" like they are trapped in a different body than they feel they should be.  Bruce by the way was in his sixties when he made this change!

 People killing each other over some of the silliest things and acting like life doesn't matter.  If you disagree with someone or something.......do what you want to change it or to make a statement, even to the point of murder.  Morals?  There are very few people left with morals anymore.  Even our Churches fight each other over who has the largest congregation and who makes the most money.  God?  What God?  Certainly not the God of the Holy Bible but a man-made god who does the bidding of the believer instead of the believer doing the bidding of God Himself.  This country has gone off the deep end and it may be too late to bring it back.  We are experiencing Apostasy in America and many are blind to that fact.

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